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Badass Baby offers portable child seat which secures your kid with their vest seatbelt furthermore these are certified from 3C and ECE. These seats can be used in several places because of their lightweight feature. In these seats, up to 10-year's age children can seat because their fabric is extremely durable. Get portable child seat for increasing protection of your toddler.

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As a couple, having a baby is definitely the most blessed feeling in the world. Every parent wants to cater the best of the best products and stuff for their child as they want to leave no stone unturned as far as the care and convenience of their baby is concerned.
Badass Baby has a unique collection of 3 in 1 baby prams which is available in different colors. In these prams, 0.5 to 36 month's baby can seat. These prams are made from aluminum furthermore carrying load 20 kg. You can change pram’s seating style according to your baby's requirement.

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