As with any Indian state, temperatures fluctuate dramatically. We recommend visiting within the winter (Nov-Feb) wherever average Gujarat weather is around 29°C and therefore the evenings relax to around 12°C. March to may daytime temperatures will average around 41°C and 29°C within the evening. The monsoon season sees things cool down a bit to 35°C throughout the day and 27°C at night, however, it'll be raining quite heavily. When you are here, you would be marvelled by the simplicity that these people have to offer. They are colourful, vibrant, warm, traditional and peace loving. The very popular festivals of the state are the kite festival, Uttarayan, Modhera Dance Festival, Kutch Utsav and Holi. Witness the fervour during the nine nights of Navratras. Each night of this festival people gathers together in open spaces to dance and celebrate (as garba is the dance form). You would be amazed to witness the people whirling in circles together with rhythmic steps as late as up to 2 AM every day! So when you are here, you would love to stay here, for it's the Khushboo Gujarat Ki that will not really let you go!
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